NORA ZEHETNER HAIRSTYLES on se Cooling off in Slen, Sweden weholi Blog Inside, the church is surrounded by splendid burial vaults dating back to the th century. The coffins rest on a lower level with space for a memorial above. The most recent was built in for the Bernadotte dynasty. The vaults contain the remains of all the Swedish monarchs from Gustav II Adolf in the th century to the present day with two exceptions: Queen Kristina was buried at St Peters in Rome in and Gustav VI Adolf, who was interred at Haga in (). The most magnificent sarcophagus is that of the th century king, Karl XIV Johan, which had to be towed here by sledge from his porphyry i workshops in Wrangelska Palatset, a royal residence after the Tre Kronor fire of Riddarholmskyrkan and the external burial vault by Tessin and Harleman Particularly moving are the graves of royal children, including the many small tin coffins that surround the last resting place of Gustav II Adolf and his queen, Maria Eleonora. Garden Stockholm Sweden Travel Scenery Park Top Wallpapers Top Travel Destinations My Travel Affairs Top Idyllic Fishing Villages in Sweden Sweden Travel Guides Top tourist attractions in Stockholm Sweden Travel Club Travel Archives u Page of u Top tourist attractions in Sandviken Sweden Travel Club The most valuable passports for visa free travel in the world Canada one of world’s top tourist destinations: survey CTV News Sim travels to Tarrekaise in Sweden, photos and travel stories ONLY TWO PARTS of Gustav Vasas fortifications from remain Birger Jarls Tower and the southernmost tower of what became the Wrangel Palace. Built as a residence for the nobleman Lars Sparre in , it was remodelled a few decades later by Carl Gustaf Wrangel. NORA ZEHETNER HAIRSTYLES 2016.



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