NON-TRANSFER LIPSTICKS release their colour slowly over a prolonged period of time, and thus fix the initial application of colour in place for hours on end. The only drawback is getting them off your lips at the end ofthe day, which entails dousing your mouth with the cosmetic equivalent ofturpentine.

PRODUCTS CONTAINING WATER MOLECULES, which keep the lips moist throughout the course ofthe day. Rememberthat the skin on the lips is thinnerthan elsewhere on the face and very sensitive; it can quickly become dehydrated because it does not produce sebum.

DRY LIPOSOMES are ingredients which are activated by saliva and can hold water for hours. Mixed with colour pigments, they make an ideal moisturizer for the lips.

ANTIOXIDANT VITAMINS A AND E are routinely included in today’s lipsticks to guard against the free-radical damage that would otherwise lead to premature ageing of the skin around the mouth.

SUN PROTECTION FACTORS are essential ingredients for protecting the delicate skin of the lips against damage caused by invasive ultraviolet rays. Suntanned lips are unattractive, in any case.


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