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Mara is the kind of girl who makes a wish at 11:11, but don’t ever think she’s just a dreamer she’s a doer as much as she’s a believer. In fact, her mobile phone’s wallpaper is a photo of her vision board: a handwritten list of all the things she wants to achieve this year. On top of that list, crossed out cleanly, is her dream car: a Nissan X-Trail. “I love the Nissan X-Trail. I had the old X-Trail when I first moved to Canada I bought the 2004 model.

I told myself that if I ever get a new car, I would get the new X-Trail, she says.


Her dream car didn’t come to her easily, though. She worked very hard to save up for her Nissan X-Trail. “I don’t know how I did it; I just knew that I wanted it, says Mara, who has always been so driven that she will stop at nothing until she achieves her dreams. Mara still has a long list of goals to fulfill, so she continues to work countless hours hosting various events around the metro, anchoring for sports news on the radio, co-hosting a podcast with Mo Twister, and kickstarting a new game show on TV. She attributes all the opportunities that have come her way to having a clear vision of her future: “I think it’s because I visualize what I want to achieve a lot. And the more I do it, the more all these great things happen!

Control system

I told myself that if I ever get a new car, I would get the new X-Trail!


Mara’s main priority when it comes to cars has always been comfort; and with her jampacked schedule, she needs all the space and efficiency she can get. “I like the size of the Nissan X-Trail. I like that I can use it as my mobile closet!

I’m always on the go moving from job to job and always needing to change outfits! I have a collection of clothes and shoes in my car, which is still roomy enough for all the other things I need! Mara also maintains an active social life, so the fact that she can convert her huge space into a seven-seater ride for barkada nights is a huge plus for her. The X-Trail truly suits Mara’s needs, whether for work or for play.

Mara’s Power Insights

For her small, girly frame,

Mara Aquino’s big, macho-looking dream car may seem like a mismatch. But for a woman whose active lifestyle demands on-the-go speed and smooth transitions, she considers her Nissan X-Trail a reliable powerhouse packed in a sleek, stylish design. Mara’s dream car shows the kind of life she lives: she’s a power woman who knows exactly what she wants, and she has the drive to get there in style.

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