Nice short haircuts for black ladies

To rock the look: 1. Shampoo and condition your natural hair. 2. Apply a heat protectant and blow-dry the hair. 3. Cut the hair into short layers. 4. Section the hair and apply a pressing cream to that section. 5. Use a straightening comb to lightly press the hair throughout. Nice short haircuts for black ladies Be careful not to make the comb too hot; you want to maintain some texture so that this short style will have plenty of volume. You may also opt to use a ceramic flat iron. 6. Bevel the hair with a curling iron. 7. Use a rake comb to style. 8. Mist on a light spritz for hold. Photos: Alexei Afonin Silver Star One of the hottest ways to wear your hair this season is to incorporate shiny silver gray hair as a contrast with midnight black hair.

To rock the look: 1. Shampoo and condition natural black hair. 2. Apply a heat protectant. 3. Flat iron the natural hair. 4. Cut the hair in layers. 5. For a temporary look the gray hair can be installed by simply using clip-on hair. You can purchase wefts of gray hair and sew the comb clips on. 6. Cut the tracks to the appropriate length to blend with the style. 7. For a more lasting look you can braid in a few cornrows and sew the gray hair on to the braids. Approximately three tracks of gray hair should do the trick.

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