New Ways Of Styling Your Short Hair

Teratogenic Tending to produce malformed embryos. Theobromine An alkaloid with properties similar to caffeine, found in cocoa.
Theophylline An aklaloid found in tea.
Thyroid function The regulation of metabolism by the secretions of the thyroid gland.
Toxic Poisonous.
Toxin A poisonous substance.
Tranquilizer An agent which quiets or calms the emotional state of a patient without changing clarity of consciousness.
Triglyceride. A compound containing three fatty acids. It
Is formed from carbohydrates and is stored in fat cells. When broken down, it releases free fatty acids into the blood.
Triple coronary bypass Surgical bypass of three coronary arteries (see Bypass surgery).
Unsaturated fatty acid Fatty acids in which the available carbon bonds of the hydrocarbon chain are not all filled. Urea A compound containing nitrogen, found in urine, blood, and lymph. It is a product of protein metabolism. Urethra The tube from the bladder to the exterior of the body for discharge of urine.
Uric add A product of protein metabolism, insoluble in water, but soluble in alkaline solutions. Excessive amounts in the blood are associated with gout.

Hey Divas! Are you looking for cute and short hairstyles? If yes, you’re at the right place. In this post you can see 15 trendy short hairstyles and new ways of styling your short hair. Take the short hair plunge and make yourself look 10 years younger. The shorter your hair is, the livelier it looks.

Go short! Contrary to popular belief, short hair is so versatile when it comes to styling! There are tons of options for everyone. You can go for straight, curly, wavy, smooth, up, down, to the side, spiked… Anyone can look good with short hair. You just need to experiment and find the right cut for you.

Short hair screams “happy and carefree”. Take on the world with these fun and sassy haircuts. They’re the perfect way to kick off summer. Check out our fantastic pick of short hairstyles and stay cool all season. They’re easy to maintain and will launch you into the front of fashion chic. Enjoy!

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