New short haircuts for spring

Passing exams and being the first black woman to serve on the cosmetic society’s committee were successes. Seeing people get results using our products, and seeing the brand grow are highlights. How do you keep setting trends? I don’t consider myself a trend setter. The Nativechild range was not developed because of a trend; it had been a way of life for years for me, and it took years to understand my own hair. I’m a person who saw a need, then did all I could to service that need. When it comes to product development, I work on a product based on the need rather than what’s exciting at the time. As far as keeping abreast of trends, being part of the cosmetic society , we’re always exposed to new and exciting developments. This helps us improve. Growth is necessary for us to stay relevant. New short haircuts for spring How long have you been in the industry? Ten years, although Nativechild as a brand had only been around for a year. New short haircuts for spring Who inspires you and your craft? I’m inspired by whoever listens to their inner voice and follows their passion despite what others think. Their fire always helps ignite my own. I’m inspired by people who embrace who they are and help others to see there is more than one way of being human. I admire my husband’s work ethic. My son also inspires me; he’s a glimpse of heaven. Where do you see your business in the next five years? I’d like to look back and think I had a hand in affecting people positively. New short haircuts for spring A woman’s hair is often frustrating as it’s her identity. So, I’d like to contribute positively and help women have one less thing to worry about. I’d like our products to be available all over the African continent and for women to be able to access Nativechild easily.

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