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Thickeners Do They?

I see that there are reams of so-called hair-thickeners on the market these days, and, while I cannot imagine using one, I will attempt to explain what they do. The reason I cannot imagine using one is, first, that I tend to distrust the cosmetics industry which seems to feel that selling comes first, health later. And the FDA seems to be ignoring hair cosmetics for the moment, while they concentrate on the facial ones.

Second, my own hair has become so very much thicker, thanks to my new-found knowledge on what makes it so, that I don’t need one anyway.

Apparently the thickeners that contain protein actually wrap themselves about the hair shaft and adhere to it, thereby giving the appearance of thicker hair. They take up more room. And that’s all there is to that. To me, the answer is to get your hair thicker by the proper care and the proper diet.

Remember to eat your wheat germ daily and make sure you get all the B vitamins you need and avoid all cf the things we’ve suggested you forsake for the sake of your hair. I don’t believe for a moment you’re going to need a false thickener.

But don’t forget to give your own hair six months to a year before you make that judgment. Should you decide, after that time, to try one of these products, test it first with your Nitrazine; if it’s blue, then don’t use it. Less thick hair is better than no hair. So you might as well concentrate on getting that protein into your body instead of wrapping it around your hairs.

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