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“Waxing is still the fastest long-lasting way to remove hair ot home or in a salon,” says Ettia Tal, owner of Ettia Holistic Day Spain New York City.

For best results, avoid alpha hydroxy ocid products, sun, chlorine and saltwater the day before and after you wax. Woxing is also the best way to treat the stomach, shown here-uncovered in summer by cropped tops, bikinis.

Just in time for bikini season: Expert hair-removal advice that lets you bare all with confidence.

Q: How can I slow hair regrowth?

A: Waxing should keep hairs at bay for several weeks, but rrlost home waxers accidentally break the hair instead of uprooting it. To reach the roots, apply wax in the direction of hair growth, and pull off in the opposite direction.

As for shaving, closer shaves mean less frequent ones. Use warm (not hot) water, and let the shaving cream set for several seconds before using your razor.

Q: How do I get rid of stray hairs?

A: Stray hairs can appear on the stomach, face, back, thighs, breasts. Shave or clip them. Tweezing and electrolysis are also options, but to be safe, stick with clipping when it comes to nose and mole hairs.

Q: Can I avoid getting red bumps when I shave or wax sensitive areas?

A: Red bumps (caused by ingrown hairs) appear when wayward hairs bend back toward the skin. To steer them in the right direction, some experts suggest using mild alpha hydroxy acid creams or washes

Sources: Corrado diGenova, skirvcare director at Kim Lepine Salon in New York City; Karen Gleason, aestheticion at Face Facts Studio & Day Spa in Salisbury, Mass.; Esta Kronberg, M.D., Houston dermatologist; Jeniette Melamed, owner of Jeniette salon in New York City; Helga Melger, chief research and development chemist at Lee Pharmaceuticals; Lawrence Moy, M.D., Manhattan Beach, Calif., dermatologist; Vivian Orgel, New York City electrologist; Christiana Salvetiu, coowner of Christiana & Carmen Beauty Center in New York City; Patricia Farris Walters, M.D., New Orleans dermatologist.


Waxing by Bridget Meehan at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon. Manicure by Anda at Avanzi Salon.

Upper lip could still take ten to 25 15-minute sessions over the course of a year. That’s because the technician can remove only those hairs that appear at the surface (hair grows in cycles and not all are apparent at one time). And if you’ve previously tweezed or waxed, follicles may be distorted, causing the probe to break the hair before reaching the root. Ask your dermatologist or electrologist about topical anesthetic creams (like Emla) that can be applied at home before each session.

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