New hair color ideas for brunettes

Top Sexy Hairstyle Tutorial

What you need:

Round brush Hairdryer and nozzle Styling mousse (medium hold)

Bristle brush No snag hairband Kirby grips

Hairspray (medium to strong hold) Large barrelled curling tongs

Shine serum

There isn’t a fashion show where I ve styled when the ponytail hasn’t graced the runway. It’s the perfect fashionista look and graces the pages of all the toj fashion and beauty titles. Worn high or low, mess\ or super neat, it can add glamour and glitz to even the dullest hair. It’s also a secret weapon for bad hair days. Here I have dressed the pony high and jaunty so the hair has some bounce. If you have skinny hair try adding a few elip in hair extensions before creating the ponytail as this will add bulk.

“Sometimes the simplest hairstyles are the most stunning”

For extra bounce or waves, use large barrelled tongs randomly through the ponytail.To create a voluminous ponytail use a bristle brush to tease the hair at the root area of the ponytail. Work in sections and make sure the top section is smoothed over so that all the teasing is not seen. Finish with hairspray for hold and smooth over a tiny amount of shine serum.

For best results the hair should be freshly washed and blow dried using a round brush and a small amount of styling mousse. Then, using a bristle brush, bring all the hair back to the back of the head and gather in the opposite hand. Continue brushing the hair until all the hair is in place then secure with a no snag hairband.

Take a small section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to cover the no snag hairband. Use kirby grips to secure this in place. A hairspray can be used to smooth away any stray hairs.

Round hairbrush Hairdryer and nozzle Styling mousse (medium hold)

Comb No snag hairband Bristle hairbrush Hairspray (medium to strong hold)

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