New Bob Haircuts for 2015

Whether short or long, with bangs or no bangs bob is timeless haircut and it fits everyone. There are many different styles of bob; you can look edgy and punk, you can have rock roll style bob, you can look posh and polished and you can look soft and romantic. It all depends on cut and the styling of the bob cut. There are tons of different bob haircuts on tumblr and pinterest for you to get inspiration.

The bob haircut styling is also very easy.

Bob Haircut for Fine Hair

When dealing with fine textured hair, the bob is very good choice of hairstyle. Layering is not very good idea when it comes to fine hair, so for fine hair layered bobs are not suitable.

Very Short Bob Haircuts

If your face is suitable, you can go for extreme bob haircut. It works fine with fine hair and it will freshen up your whole look.

Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

Women with thick hair should think about getting longer bob haircut with lots of layers. It can look very feminine and romantic. Longer bobs accentuate the silky sheen of thick hair.


Long bob is also very easy to style. You can let your hair air dry so that you wouldn’t damage it with heat. And surprisingly it will still look good and stylish.

New Bob Haircuts for 2015

New Bob Haircuts for 2015 Photo Gallery

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