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Oiled from Inside

When he heard I was doing a health/beauty beauty blog, Dr. Carlton Fredericks, nutritionist and author, said, “I hope you are going to tell those ladies that they must eat fats.” According to Dr. Fredericks, he receives literally hundreds of letters from obviously unhappy nonbeauties imploring him for advice on what to do about dry hair or dry skin. As Dr. Fredericks clearly points out, if you eliminate all fats, how in the world do you expect to have glossy hair or moist, young-looking skin? Instead, your hair is going to be thatched-roof dry, and your skin more like a prune than a ripe and luscious plum. And there is no reason to think, as I have clearly pointed out in the Shape section, that fats will necessarily fatten you. Necessary they are both to keeping your shape and keeping your glossy hair and gleaming skin.

Not for a moment am I suggesting that you load up on lard even though the cholesterol scare has been questioned by some as being more scary than it need be. No what I want you to have are the good guys in fat land: the polyunsaturates, or liquid fatty acids, that help your body (and skin) to utilize its protein and then,

as an added attraction, beautify the rest of you. Some nutritionists even suggest taking a tablespoonful of one of these beauty oils each day (safHower oil is the one lowest in saturated fat.) I personally am not mad for swallowing oil. But I do make sure that I get a certain amount of fats every day of my life, no matter which diet I spring for the low carbohydrate or the low calorie. (Dieting of one sort or another seems to be my way of life.)

And might I add that even skins with acne (which we hope isn’t yours, but even if it is, it won’t be for long) profit from the use of these unsaturated fats. Some say that kelp, the same kelp that helps your shape, will help your thyroid utilize and assimilate the liquid unsaturated fats. But, of course, I believe in kelp every day anyway, for everything, so that goes without saying.

Therefore, don’t shy so much from the word “fat.” It has taken on an odious meaning it does not deserve. Fat is one of the best beauty words in your beauty vocabulary!


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