Nelly 2016

You can’t see anything as I’m in water. It’s really nice, there’s no screaming. I loved giving birth and want her to have a good experience.’

Meanwhile, adorable Nelly, who’s looking super-cute in her floral party dress and silver sandals, makes an immediate beeline for the cupcakes – and almost steals the show – while mum Billie runs around after her. Billie also makes an emotional and heartfelt speech about how happy she is for her sister, which has everyone in tears.

The instant photo booth is also busy, with guests larking around before placing the photos in an album as a precious keepsake for Sam and Paul to enjoy later. On the menu are Wiltshire ham sandwiches, sausage rolls and chicken dippers, plus chocolate brownies and chocolate mousse for dessert.

Here, a couple of days after the party, Sam talks exclusively to My blog about how she’s feeling just a few weeks before her first baby arrives, her plans for a home birth and why a traditional baby name is on the cards…

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