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From easy life hacks to healthy (and delicious) tips to get rid of unwanted gray hairs, these 10 ideas, products and picks can help anyone achieve the perfect natural balance.


There's a rainbowof eco-colors in Fire & Light's handcrafted recycled-glass bowls. Delectable shades like citrus, celery and plum. Have us salivating over these American-made, 100% post-consumer recycled-glass pieces.


Whenever we're in L.A. and feeling blah, we like to head to L.A.

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Juice and get our fresh-squeezed goodness on. Their black shot ($6, lajuiceshop. Com) uses activated charcoal, which has the ability to trap toxins and chemicals in the body so they can be naturally flushed out. To make your own, mix teaspoon of activated charcoal with 16 ounces of alkaline or spring water. Squeeze half a lemon and add a drop of liquid stevia, if desired. Down it as a full drink or divide it up into mini detoxifying shots.


We love the marriage of green technology and cool style in these three bulbs. Old-fashioned marquee light bulbs ($7, bulbs. Com), shatter-resistant gem-like designs ($24. 99, nanoleaf. Me) and Edison-style filament bulbs that cast a classic flicker glow ($14. 98, lowes. Com) all have a 25, 000-hour life span and use a scant amount of energy.


Burning candles made from paraffin waxes can emit pollutants. But a recent study reveals that burning pure beeswax candles releases negative ions that help remove dust, pollen, toxins and odors from the air. The ions force the pollutants to literally fall to the ground so vacuum dutifully. Twig and bamboo beeswax tapers: $28/pair, greentreehomecandle. Com; recycled-glass candle holders, $6, homedecorators. Com.


Artist John Elijah Richards has figured out a clever way to upcycle old state quarters and antique coins into stylishly cool rings and pendants. His “In God We Must” line is handmade at his Marietta, Georgia, studio, where Richards forges, rubs and molds coinage into individualistic pieces of jewelry. $17-$40, igwm. Co.

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