Natural ways to lose weight

One cardinal rule sums up what you need to know: Avoid as much as possible those foods that have been refined or processed and that contain food additives and chemical pollutants. The less doctored foods you choose, the less likely you 11 need doctoring yourself.

The prettier the package, the more suspect is the food. Those colorful boxes may even be more nutritious than the contents. A biochemist at the University of Georgia, chose one of the new, attractive to the kiddies cereals, emulsified both the box and the cereal, then fed one white rat the box and another the cereal. The one that ate the box thrived better.

Develop a reading habit label reading when it comes to selecting cereals as well as other foods. Cereals which have been puffed, popped, sugared, and colored are to be avoided, for they contain chemicals designed to increase their shelf life, not yours.

The average adult yearly intake of food additives, in addition to 115 pounds of sugar and 15 pounds of salt, includes 8.4 pounds of com syrup, 4.2 pounds of dextrose (glucose), and 10 pounds of about 2000 other additives. You can significantly reduce your chemical consumption by taking the time to read food labels each time you shop.

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