Natural hairstyles with twists

Best summer hair tips

Do not squeeze lemon juice on your blonde hair. Lemon juice is highly acidic and will fry your hair to total dryness and only add brassy yellow tones.

Contrary to popular belief, sunlight will not make your coloured blonde locks blonder. UV light will fade blonde hair colour so to avoid a washed out look and hair that looks dull, keep your blonde hair covered up in the sun pop on a gorgeous sunhat.

A heat protective spray works wonders at keeping your hair nicely moisturized and will help prevent unsightly frizzing.

My New Celebrity Hairstyles Straight Answer Hot Iron Protection Spray has a gorgeous holiday fragrance so your hair will smell lovely too.

Use a hair mask when on the beach or spending long days in the sun simply rinse out at the end of the day. The mask will add moisture and make your hair beautifully soft to the touch.

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