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I’m literally right now, as we speak, working on mixes for my new album. Natural hair styles Just started recording it – I’m knowing that I have to be prepared for how fast things are moving now.

I have to be prepared to get the next album out. I’ve been writing for it for quite a while now, Natural hair styles just preparing and so far it’s been the best experience I’ve had in the studio, even better than the BRING YOU BACK stuff. So I’m very anxious to get that out eventually, but BRING YOU BACK has been so well to me and I’ve been very fortunate that the fans have gravitated the way they have towards it… It’s kind of a special thing to let go of when we get onto the next record but I really feel good about this next album that will come out here sometime in the next year.’

Connecting with life experience is what Brett is great at when it comes to song-writing and that connection is clearly what fans and admirers of this artist gather hold of. So what can we expect from his new music?

I think there’s a happy medium that you find within the growth of music. Natural hair styles I’m still writing songs about heartbreak and things I’ve seen people go through. I’m writing songs about the sheer special thing about love, the simple appearance of love, and I’m still writing those too. It’s just growth – it’ll sound different to the BRING YOU BACK record but it will still have a lot of the same roots. I feel like, sitting here listening to it on my headphones right before we’ve got onto this interview, it’s a really cool feeling to be creating new music and to find that path that stays where you’ve been but also growing it.’

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