The natural eye is the simplest ‘no make-up’ lookto achieve. All you have to do is master a few basic essentials:

1 Always use foundation or concealer to moisturize the eyelid before applying your other make-up. This creates a smooth base, and helps colour glide on smoothly.

2 Brush the eyelid very gently with a translucent powder.

3 Take one natural eyeshadow (a peach or a brownish colour) that picks up your natural skin tone, and, using a good, medium-sized brush, coat the lid, starting at the lash line and working right up towards the brow bone. Add a touch of BeneFit’s High Beam to the browbone for a natural-looking highlight.

4 Next curl your eyelashes. This is a step that many women omit, but a make-up artist would never sacrifice. Creep the curler gently up the lashes, starting at the root and being sure to maintain even pressure throughout. Curled lashes open up the eye and create a deliciously sexy fan effect.

Always curl them after you have applied your eyeshadow: this will ensure you do not disturb your artfully enhanced lashes with the eyeshadow brush.

5 Apply mascara to the top lashes, concentrating on the tips. Neverapply mascara directly to the roots ofthe lashes as it looks unnatural and creates a scary spider-leg effect.

6 If desired, apply the mascara to your lower lashes, as directed above.

7 Ifyou prefer a ‘no make-up’ look, substitute transparent mascara for a coloured one.

8 Comb through your lashes with an eyelash comb before they dry.

Q Using a small eyeshadow brush (preferably either a pointed one or one with a stiff, slanted edge), line the lower lid with the same natural colour as you used before, working as close to the lash line as possible.

These are not the same as natural eyes, as they involve more product and a cannier technique. Applied well, the neutral eye will take you from office to evening and suits everybody.

1 Apply foundation and powdertothe lids.

‘Neutral tones can be applied in liquid, cream, shimmer or matt, each texture creating subtle differences.’

Kevyn Aucoin Make-up guru

4 Add an ivory highlighter, starting just above the crease in the eyelid and going right up to the brow bone itself.

5 Curl the eyelashes gently with an eyelash curler, and add a coat of mascara to top and bottom lashes, sweeping outwards towards the outer edges of the eyes.

6 Comb the lashes while they are still wet, and apply a second coat before the mascara hardens.

7 Using a larger brush, dust apricot blusher along the temples and down the hairline on either side ofyour eyes.

2 Using a soft eyeshadow brush, pick up a little brown eyeshadow powder and blend it into the inner and outer corners ofyour eye and under the bottom lashes.

3 Next take a peachy powder shadow and gently fill in the gap left between the two brown corners. Blend well to avoid any obvious ‘joining’ of the products.


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