Natural Beauty Enhancers For Hair And Skin


While the appliance of science has catapulted the beauty industry into the futuristic world of discovery that it now proudly inhabits, some of the most potent ingredients are still sourced from the bounty of mother nature. As a result, Liz Earle, botanical beauty expert, has formulated her entire Naturally Active Skincare range around some of these natural beauty enhancers.

Echinacea Not just a popular remedy for the common cold, echinacea is also known for its skin-strengthening properties. ‘It promotes skin regeneration and encourages the production of fibroplasts, which form the supporting structure of the skin,’ says Liz.

Aloe vera A natural ingredient of near-mythical status, aloe vera is used across the world for both its healing and its soothing properties.

Argan oil Organically extracted from a Moroccan tree of the same name, this is rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps to combat skin ageing.

Antioxidants These form the body’s best defence system against free-radical damage, which leads to premature ageing. Vitamins E and C and betacarotene are all used in face creams, but they should also be incorporated into your diet on a regular basis.

Lipids These are not active ingredients but a delivery system. They help the skin to absorb active ingredients.

Ceramides These are used in moisturizers because they are wonderful water-binding agents. They are present in healthy skin, but dry and dehydrated complexions are often deficient in them.

Keratin This is a protein found naturally in skin and hair. It is often used as a strengthener in shampoos and other hair-care products.

Collagen and elastin These are the fibres that plump up skin and give it elasticity.

The production of both collagen and elastin lessens with age, causing skin to become slack and lose its youthful appearance. Applied topically, collagen and elastin lend a superficial firmness to the skin because they are very efficient at absorbing water.

Humectants These attract moisture from the surrounding atmosphere, or the dermis to the epidermis. Glycerol and sorbitol are both effective humectants in the treatment of dry skin.

Sage and rosemary

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