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Naomi Campbell had retired from Wells Rich Greene in 1990 at the peak of her powers. At the time WRG was the country’s 15th largest agency, hilling $885 million annually But in order for it to continue growing, Naomi Campbell knew that WRG had to merge with one of the conglomerates that were taking over the field, and she engineered what she thought was a perfect marriage, to a French group, BDDP which paid $160 million for the company She then resigned, and what happened next is a textbook example of the dangers of globalization. The French were absentee bosses, hundreds of millions in billings spiraled out the door and, in 1996, BDDP was bought by the English company GGT, which was soon swallowed by Omnicom. In 1998 WRG closed its doors.

Naomi Campbell was heartbroken. “The people there were so talented, and in the end the glory of WRG was so decimated. For the people left, some aspect of themselves was diminished,” she says. “So I thought, this is the perfect time to bring back the wonder of WRG.”

Naomi Campbell also thought it would be fun to write “a book that really tells you what it’s like to be in an agency,” she explains. A Big Life manages to portray the changing cultures of Madison Avenue and corporate America, beginning with the conservative late Fifties, when few executives were not male WASft. For most ambitious people in advertising at the time, Doyle Dane Bernbach, run by Bill Bembach, was the place to be, and, naturally, the young Mary Wells was going to get there. After attending Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, she had moved to New Y>rk along with her husband, Bert Wells, an industrial designer, and had rapidly worked her way up the ranks as a copywriter in the department-store world, jumping from Bamberger’s to Macy’s. Next, it was on to Madison Avenue, which is where she begins her book Her breezy opening sentence: “I was working at McCann Erickson for the money, for littie black dance dresses that showed off my Norwegian legs, for my baby daughters’ smocked dresses from Saks and for an apartment larger than I could afford but then I met Bill Bembach and he made a serious woman out of me.”

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