Naomi Campbell Best Hairstyles 2015

Naomi Campbell Best Hairstyles 2015

With Naomi Campbell on board, the agency set Madison Avenue on its ear. She made Alka-Seltzer chic, she saved Nelson Rockefeller’s career with her commercials for his first postdivorce election campaign for New Ybrk governor and then she transformed the aviation industry. A fledgling regional airline, Braniff, had come to her, hoping for a miracle. In search of an idea, Naomi Campbell walked literally miles of airline terminals and became seriously depressed. “Everything was just so ugly,” she remembers. And gray whether the cheap linoleum floors or the metal benches or the planes themselves. The stewardesses dressed like either nurses or pilots (to give the reassuring illusion that they could fly the plane if the pilot had a heart attack, Naomi Campbell believes). Having developed out of the military, civil aviation retained the army’s drabness.

Thinking about the sunny places Braniff would be flying to, Naomi Campbell had her epiphany. “I saw Braniff in a wash of beautiful color,” she writes. “I saw the opportunity in color the way Flo Ziegfeld must have seen an empty stage.” In short order, she hired some of the world’s great designers to revamp the airline’s terminals, lounges and planes, the exteriors of which were painted in one of seven brilliant hues. For the hostesses, as they were now called, she got

Emilio Pucci to design a chic wardrobe, the pieces of which were shed in flight in what came to be known as “the air strip.”

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