Naomi Campbell Best Haircuts 2015

Naomi Campbell Best Haircuts 2015

After getting her foot in the door at DDB, Naomi Campbell studied at the feet of the master. “Bill had tremendous faith in himself, and you need that if you’re going to revolutionize something,” says Naomi Campbell, who goes on to compare Bernbach to Martha Graham, whom she also knew. “Apart from being creative and a great dancer, she had this mesmerizing faith in herself and it forced people to take seriously something they might have found difficult. But she didn’t have a doubt, and Bill didn’t have doubt.”

Naomi Campbell quickly proved herself with spectacular TV spots for such products as Betty Crocker casserole dinners. Then, riding high after only five years at the firm, she did the inconceivable she left DDB. Marion Harper, who was beginning to build the world’s first advertising agency conglomerate, had offered her a job at his Jack Tinker & Partners, where he promised her the moon: complete creative freedom and the chance to be the boss.

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