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For rooms where you’d prefer something a bit Oregon-coast inspired, emulate the mottled rocks that line that misty gate’s beaches. Some, like the top three, are a little cooler and grayer; others, like the bottom four, have a hint of mossy green. Mix and match these coastal cool grays by painting the walls one shade and ceiling another for a naturally perfect marriage.

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Sarah-Hyland-Emerald-Green-Emmy-Awards-2013-Nails-Hair-Dress-Celebrity-Style-1.jpgThe bulge in his jeans proved he was hard, and there was a visible wet spot that clearly showed where his piss slit must be inside those wornthin pants. The last two guys were decent looking, regular guys. They were in good shape and, by their haircuts, I thought they might be military, but not raw recruits, they were too old for that, probably 30 and 35 or so. The guy moving in front of me, kind of tripped on my knee as he stepped over it. I started to speak. I was just going to say, Sorry, Sir, but at the first hint of sound, he slapped me hard across the face. Urinals do not talk! he snapped, and I just opened wide and waited.

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