Nail color for ivory wedding dress

We’re all partial to a bit of web surfing or TV before bed, but rather than relaxing us, it could be doing the complete opposite.

Our brains are hardwired to produce the sleep chemical melatonin as the light fades and we should be getting sleepier, but bright lights from electronic devices mimic sunlight and trick our brain into wakey-wakey mode, so rather than nodding off nicely, we are likely to fall asleep later and have less restorative sleep.

We’ve all done it. You’re sorting out dinner with one hand while watching TV, and in the other hand you’re answering an email from your friend as it pings into your inbox. While we might think this is the ultimate in modern-day multitasking, in reality it can play havoc with our health. A 2014 study suggested that this kind of multitasking over several devices could in fact lead to reduced attention span, depression and anxiety.

If you’ve ever experienced aching in your wrists and hands after a messaging marathon, chances are you could have Blackberry Thumb’ or iPad Finger’

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