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“It took me a long time to get here. I can’t be stopped. I know there’s somebody out there that’s way more talented, so I have to stay thirsty. You have to remain thirsty, or you get tired. You have to love what you do.” She pauses, then clarifies. “No. You don’t have to love it. You have to think you’re going to die without it.”

Three pieces of cherry Bubble Yum later, the white stretch BMW pulls up to the red carpet. Elliott turns on her suit. The blinking sets off a riot of hoots from the crowd.


“We love you!”

Elliott exits the limo and gives a wave. The crowd whoops, jumps up and down at the sight of her.

“Everything is Alice in Wonderland to me,” she says, laughing.

The press tent is chockablock with celebrities and their people inching down the red carpet. Elliott is surrounded. Eve embraces her. Faith Evans does, too. Pink gushes. Kylie Minogue gives her a onceover. P. Diddy rushes over and bestows a kiss, moving his toothpick to the side to do so. And so it goes. Nelly, Usher, Kelly Rowland, Busta Rhymes, Ashantiso many Briannas zigzagging up to show their love that it starts to feel less like the Grammys and more like Missy’s coming-out party.

People don’t just like Missy Elliott. And people say I’m dope as fuck. They don’t just enjoy her music. They say I’m just too fly. They obsess. They gush. They use words like genius and revolutionary and, that’s right, superstar. When P. Diddy and Amy Sedaris and Joan Rivers and the Coca-Cola Company are all vying for your attention, you have more than crossed over. You have conquered.

On the carpet, Elliott graciously does press. She smiles pretty and blows giant, quivering pink bubbles. When she is asked to hang tight for the commercial break, she waits, and when she is asked to give a twirl for the cameras, she spins, sticking out a hip for effect. Not once does she rubberneck or look down the long line of the marching famous, searching for someone cooler to talk to. She is content to be where she’s at, and why shouldn’t she be? They’re all marching to her beat anyway.

Toward the end of the carpet, Missy takes a rest behind a cardboard facade. The hall is empty save for a top-hatted Bootsy Collins, who has just fallen off a folding chair.

“You all right?” Elliott asks.

Collins rights himself and smiles. Elliott laughs, and Collins shakes his head.

“What are you doing back here, Missy? You know you can’t hide.”

And with that, Elliott returns to the carpet and the hot lights and the swarms of people waiting to kiss her diamond-encrusted ring. She grins, does a little James Brown duck and weave, then turns her tracksuit on and flashes her way into the crowd.

Elliott works in her Miami studio from four in the afternoon to eight in the morning. It’s an old schedule, left over from the days when she and her childhood best friend and collaborator, Tim “Tim-baland” Mosley, would wake up in the middle of the night and start making records. It was 1995, and the two had rented a two-bedroom apartment in Hackensack, New Jersey. The $1,500 a month was steep“We didn’t know rent could be that high; we’re from Virginia!”so more people moved in, other rappers in training, boys and girls with video dreams.

“In the end, there were eight of us in the apartment. And a ferret. We had nothing to do but music, so we’d cook Oodles of Noodles and sing songs all night.”

Before Elliott moved north, her aunt and mother sat her down, told her that in New York people slipped you Mickeys in clubs, tried to get you hooked on drugs, stole your stuff, took advantage of you.

“They scared the hell out of me. I still remember riding on the trains late at night and everybody is drunk and cussing, and there I was sitting with my little notebook.”

Elliott doesn’t take the train anymore. She drives a Ferrari with customized bright green leather interior or her green Lamborghini or the aforementioned Hummer. Or she is driven.

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