Migraine Medication Triggers

Some medications are believed to cause migraine. However, even tough you believe that one of these drugs is trigging your migraines, you may check with your doctor in advance to stop taking it. Some vasodilators, normally prescribed to reduce blood pressure, and medicines designed to calm chest pain, like nitroglycerin, can provoke headaches. However, the headaches correlated with these drugs perhaps are not migraine headaches, since they tend to appear shortly after beginning a new medication and incline to disappear the longer the person takes them

Physical triggers

Researchers don’t know explicitly why, but a hit to the head can cause a migraine. A different obvious physical trigger is extreme physical pressure on the head, for the reason that some swimmers

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acquire it after an hour or two underwater. Pilots flying at high altitude have reported migraine symptoms too a few minutes after lowering. With many migraines that are caused by physical factors, it’s difficult to establish a line among the cause and the effect.

Environmental triggers

Environmental causes can be harder to establish because they’re remarkably subtle. A transition in the weather or a scent of a certain fragrance can contribute on a migraine. The most common environmental triggers are:

– Quick weather transition, including a decrease in barometric pressure or variations in temperature, wind, or humidity

– Intense noises

– Fragrances or fumes

– Passive smoking

– Exposure to shiny or flickering lights

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