Men’s very short haircuts

U.S Stylist for Men’s very short haircuts

HIS FULL, UNDIVIDED ATTENTION. You are paying for his time and expertise, says jonn Rhamani at Salon A-K-S in New York City, so a stylist should never walk away from you in the middle of a cut. Similarly, both a stylist and a
colorist should remain in the salon until all of your treatments are completed and your hair is dry.

SOMEONE WHO LISTENS WELLAND NEVER BULLIES. Ultimately, you are the one who has to wear the hair, says Henriquez, so a good stylist will never try to “talk you into” something you don’t really want.

NO INAPPROPRIATE CONVERSATION OR CONTACT. It’s true that many client-stylist relationships do

evolve into genuine friendships, says Teeluck. But if you and your stylist are mere acquaintances, then it’s never OK for the stylist to initiate anything more intimate. If that is ever to happen, it must first come from the client.

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