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Creme Rinse Do You Need It?

Here we are again, asking the same question we asked about skin, except that this time I don’t think you’re asking for trouble nearly as much by using a creme rinse on your hair as by the indiscriminate use of facial creams on your complexion. Men’s short hairstyles for thick hair 2015 There’s one qualification only: that creme rinse just must be acid. Acid is in there for hair and hair is one place we aren’t going to forget it for even a second.

The purpose of creme rinses is to add highlights, and to make your hair easier to comb, if it tangles after a shampoo. Men’s short hairstyles for thick hair 2015 I personally use an acid-balanced creme rinse, but I have to admit that it is more for non-tangling purposes than anything else, though it helps luster-up things when I’m feeling less than lustrous myself.

Still, with hair, you can’t hide your feelings, and if you’re not feeling up to par, it will show up fast on your hair. (That’s why I want you so healthy.) Tangles, of course, can cause breakage and therefore are to be avoided, and here is where a creme rinse can come in handy. In its miraculous way, it gets rid of them before you comb, making breakage unlikely.

Beware, however, of a creme rinse that tends to make your hair lie limp especially if you have fine hair to start with. \Vith hair, as with skin, softening is not what we want. On the contrary, strength is the sought-after quality. Men’s short hairstyles for thick hair 2015 Tensile strength, combined with elasticity but most certainly not softness. For softness does to your hair what it does to your skin i.e., makes it droop. Droopy hair is not the prettiest sort to have, whereas springy is lively and that’s where we’re headed.

A friend of mine has true “problem” hair. Baby fine, soft, difficult to deal with. She tries to force it into a style it didn’t grow into and she tints it to boot. And, one assumes, to offset that damaging routine, she douses it with creme rinse after every wash.

And then she wonders why it’s so soft and flyaway. This is not the kind of hair for which I would ever recommend any sort of creme rinse even the acid-balanced sort. But this young woman is deaf to any suggestions that possibly creme is not her need. So I simply let her fly away her own way.

However, if you want strong-looking hair, consider your own hair as carefully as you do your own skin before deciding if it needs any extra, artificial lights. If you think it does, then make very sure you test it first for no-blue. That will do fine.

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