Men’s short haircuts 2015

Bertilda garcia opened this shop five years ago because she hated to see men shunted in and out of stylists’ chairs like so much assembly-line fodder. “I wanted to pamper them,” she says, “so I put together an environment where men feel comfortable.”

And why not? For $40 you get a haircut and a hot-towel shave that would easily set you back twice as much in Midtown. From the freshly pressed barbers’ whites to Bertilda’s maternal manner, an air of cleanliness and warm professionalism permeates the place; for that alone, the $20 haircut could be the best bargain in the city.

According to Gerry Riverawho, we have to say, won our faith right away on the strength of his meticulous goateethe key to the cut below is its low maintenance. With curly hair, things can get unruly fast, so keep the sideburns sharp to preserve the look’s freshness. “Just towel dry it and use a little leave-in conditioner to keep the curls intact,” says Gerry. “Every two weeks or so, get the ends and the sideburns trimmed. Keep it simple.” Those three words should be on the sign hanging out front.

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