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Protein . . . Pro-Hair

We’ve already told you you are protein. So learn to think protein before you think anything else for hair health as well as for all the other beautiful parts of beautiful you. And if you want to thicken up your hair and nothing else, then aren’t you lucky? For protein, the very thing that can make you thin (if you’ve chosen the low-carbo-hydrate route to weight loss) is also the very thing that will make your hair thick, lustrous, long, vital, and vibrantly alive.

Your hair is ninety-seven percent protein (the rest is ash, so we’ll forget it for here), and it contains nineteen of the twenty-two amino acids in protein. That should give you a pretty good indication of just how important it is to get protein into you. Mens hairstyles with beards  And protein is one more

ingredient that cannot be stored by the body. It’s like those vitamins that run away with body wastes and must be replenished each and every dav. You simply must get your daily protein and lots of it besides. The experts recommend dosages of fifty-six to eighty grams per day. (They don’t all agree, as usual.) Here, once again, I suggest you check your own doctor, for this is a spot where it is impossible for me to judge.

Your needs, naturally, depend upon your height, weight, and body build. Mens hairstyles with beards  But with protein, more is better than less, and, as I have pointed out in the chapter on skin, the chances of your getting an overdose of protein are scant indeed.

You will find all of the protein grams contained in every conceivable food listed in my complete chart. I suggest that you count them carefully every single day to make sure you are getting the amount of protein your body needs to manufacture beauty.

You might even consider keeping a protein notebeauty blog, much like the calories notebeauty blog I suggested, and adding it all up at the end of the day. Mens hairstyles with beards  Protein is so essential for both you and your family that I’d hate to see anyone get cheated on that, whether it’s beauty you’re after or just sound good health. As for hair without protein, it won’t be hair. It just won’t be there.

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