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Now vitamin E, once put into a shampoo bottle and let out of its protective capsule coating, doesn’t retain its vitality, so you are going to have to replace that 800 units every three or four days if you really want the results to show up on your hair.

I realize that vitamin E is not the least expensive of vitamins (here again, everyone’s in there selling the hottest item at the highest possible prices), and thus it turns out to be relatively expensive shampooing. Men’s hairstyles summer 2015 But, as far as I’m concerned, you can’t put a price on natural beauty like that.

I wash my hair with this concoction every two days, which means that I’m not only putting protein on and maintaining that protective acid hair-mantle, but putting E onto it as well. Men’s hairstyles summer 2015 Believe me, it keeps my hair looking very together.

One thing I really must bring to your attention, and that is refrigeration. You wouldn’t leave your meat out at room temperature, would you? So why should you expect to do the same with your protein shampoo? Or anything with those volatile vitamins in it?

This means that any and all organic beauty products really ought to be refrigerated, for longer beauty-life, if you expect the freshest beauty from them. Occasionally, I get lazy and don’t do it. Men’s hairstyles summer 2015 But I make up for that laziness by mixing a fresh batch of shampoo every time I wash.

Just remember organic is non-preserved and therefore, for safety and beauty’s sake, should be kept on ice.

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