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Each week I was tempted to slide back into my creme-rinsed beautiful-but-sick hair routine, but I hung on doggedly, determined to see whether this protein-on stuff really worked. It did, but certainly not in the eight weeks I worked on it with Nicholas. Just as I have said, it takes, in my own experience, close to six months before the real end result turns up on you. Suddenly one day I looked and had hair. Lots of it. Men’s hairstyles long 2015 About twice as much as before, it seemed, and so many people commented on the thickness of it all that I find it hard to believe it was my overactive imagination again. This job was done by protein.

Now the whole protein-shampoo-conditioner theory is pretty technical stuff, for a protein molecule is much too big to be absorbed by the hair. That’s the very reason an egg on your hair isn’t likely to do any more good than that egg on your face. Before a protein molecule is in any condition to do your hair condition any good, it must first be cut down to size. Men’s hairstyles long 2015 I would prefer to let the experts do the technical explanations and so I will quote from a letter written by Dr. Ron di Salvo of RedKen Laboratories in Van Nuys, California, to a dermatologist who stated that protein shampoos were no better than ordinary shampoos.

Here is Dr. di Salvo’s reply: Protein technology is no simple matter. . . . Proteins first of all have to be hydrolyzed (broken down) to the correct molecular weight and size to become substantive (become fixed) to the hair. You see, it isn’t enough for a manufacturer to simply decide to put protein in a product to be used on the hair (or skin, for that matter) because protein molecules are simply too large to be absorbed into the hair’s complex microstructure.

In order to be absorbed when topically applied, proteins must be broken down (hydrolyzed) to smaller molecular components. This process must be carefully governed. If broken down into too small a molecular size and weight, amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) will be absorbed, but cannot find a site of chemical attachment, so serve little purpose.

The secret, then, is to strive, through chemical hydrolyzation of protein, to achieve numbers of amino acids chemically bonded together (called polypeptides) of the correct molecular weight and size to be small enough to be readily absorbed, yet large enough to find sites for chemical attachment.

I can assure you that all of that is too technical for my own mind, which is why I don’t think there’s one chance in a million you’ll be whipping up an effective protein shampoo in your own kitchen. It would be far better to use that kitchen for getting that protein into your stomach and leave the hydrolyzing to the laboratories.

There are plenty out there doing the job with more onto the process every day so many, in fact, that I can’t keep up with them. There’s Fermodyl, originally Swiss; Jheri Redding, who was one of the original founders of RedKen; and Wella, to name only a very few. For protein seems to be as magic a word as vitamin E. Suddenly it sell sanything.

But “protein” is a word that is popping up on practically any old product, so once again I’ll advise you to try any one of them carefully. RedKen works for me, and yet others loathe it. Some of my friends love the Jheri Redding formula, while I don’t. Here again, you as a person are unique and so is your hair, your skin, your shape. You must be the ultimate judge of just which product is the one for you.

But before you judge the protein-on routine, I think you must give it time. I would have given it up at once had not Nicholas been there insisting that I stick with it. Yet the results I got at the end of six months made it all worthwhile. You couldn’t get me back into hair cosmetics for the world. My hair is jewel-shining all by itself!

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