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Wheat Germ At the Root of Healthy Hair

One balmy spring day, a few years ago, I wandered into my (then) hairdresser for my regular trim-up. That session went like this: “Hey, man (they talked that way in those days really), it’s spring! Let’s cut your hair.” Me: “You’re right. It is. Why not?” Several hours later I could clearly see why not. Men’s hairstyle trends 2015 the slick look For my hair had been clipped to within 1/8″ of my scalp and I looked like one of those World War II collaborators the kind that had been sheared before they were tarred and feathered.

To make matters worse, I was giving a dinner party that evening for my good friend Pablo Manzoni, creative director (and great-beauty maker) of Elizabeth Arden. Men’s hairstyle trends 2015 the slick look What a day to get caught with my scalp showing through the no-hair! To show you just how awful I looked for I know I exaggerate occasionally when I opened the door to greet my guests, Pablo screamed. So you have a pretty fair idea of just how I looked.

Actually, I had to laugh. What else could I do? For these things happen occasionally, in a so-called fashion lady’s career, and laughter is about the only thing to see you through. I got through my dinner party with a lot of way-out makeup and a great deal of swagger that I didn’t feel at all inside. The next day, however, I wasn’t laughing.

I was crying. But when your hair’s gone, “Man, it’s gone,” as my hairdresser might have said. When this kind of disaster happens, as it’s bound to sometime in everyone’s beauty life, there’s only one thing to remember. Men’s hairstyle trends 2015 the slick look As long as your hair is alive, it will grow. If it’s lively and healthy enough, it will grow fast.

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