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The Egg It Goes Inside

In any case, on a weekend trip to my Alabama home, this hairdresser took one look at my scraggly locks and was duly appalled. His first question was, “What are you not eating?” You can see right there that he was, indeed, ahead of his time, for while I won’t tell you the year, I will tell you it was long before the consciousness-raising toward food for beauty. When I replied, “Eggs,” he delivered a tirade I’ve never forgotten, warning me that if I wanted to keep my hair, I’d better forget about forgetting eggs.

He instructed me to get at least one egg per day, no matter how. I did (not at the dorm, however) and my hair miraculously, it seemed to me, grew back to its former healthy state. It was many years before I had another hair health problem, and I will tell you about that one, too. Men’s curly hair medium length Both were due to my own diet stupidity, and now that I know the food facts, I don’t expect it to happen again, ever. Because now my hair gets its daily health foods, and one of those foods is eggs.

Some people say that the best way to take egg the best for the best benefits, that is is raw. I can’t take that. Men’s curly hair medium length But I can give you a recipe for a raw egg milkshake one that supposedly does wonders toward restoring a thick, lush head of hair, if that isn’t what you already have.

Dale Alexander, who had his own hair problems with baldness, swears that he re-grew his hair with what he calls the Alexander Hair Cocktail. Men’s curly hair medium length It is one way of getting that raw egg into you, and here is Mr. Alexander’s recipe as given in his beauty blog, How I Stopped Growing Bald and Started Growing Hair :

1. Take three-quarters of a glass of whole milk. This should preferably be raw certified milk. (Most health food stores have it.) However, if that is not available, regular homogenized cow’s milk will do. Pour the milk into the blender.

2. Add one raw egg to the milk in the blender. This should preferably be a fertile egg (again, try your health food supermarket. Even some supermarkets, now that the public is catching onto health). But if fertile eggs cannot be secured, use regularly available fresh eggs.

3. Add one tablespoonful of raw wheat germ oil.

4. Add two tablespoonsful of raw wheat germ. Do not use the toasted variety.

5. To improve the flavor of the blended ingredients, you may add a piece of fruit in season. This can be a section of pineapple, orange, banana, papaya, or apple; or you can add one or two tablespoonsful of sunflower seeds or sunflower seed meal. The sunflower seeds, available in health food stores, will give the cocktail a fine, nutty tang.

6. Blend at low speed from thirty to sixty seconds.

7. Drink this blended mixture promptly.

8. This drink should serve as your complete breakfast.

9. Do not eat or drink anything else for two hours after drinking this mixture.

10. The wheat germ oil, milk, and eggs used in this drink should be kept under refrigeration at all times. The raw wheat germ should be kept in a sealed container, preferably under refrigeration.

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