Men’s Celebrity Hairstyles 2015

Liam Neeson More than just a hunk his road to stardom included studying physics and math at Queens College in Belfast, Ireland. Makes $3 million a picture.

Alec Baldwin Graduated from New York University with a degree in theater, and before that spent three years at George Washington majoring in poli-sci. Earn ing power: $5 million for his latest, Heaven’s Prisoners.

Kevin Costner B.A. in marketing from California State, Fullerton, should come in handy now that his career and love life require a new strategy. Paycheck: $14 million for Waterworld.

Arnold Schwarzenegger B.A. in business and international economics from University of Wisconsin, Superior. High marks in the art of the “I’ll take a jet too” Hollywood deal. Earning power: $15 million for True Lies.

Sharon Stone Enrolled in Edinboro University of Pennsylvania at 15. Should probably get an honorary doctorate in Hollywood Studies for transforming herself from a has-been starlet to an over-35 bombshell superstar. Salary: $5 million for The Specialist.

Sylvester Stallone Attended American College of Switzerland and the University of Miami. Earning power: Offered $20 million for an undetermined Savoy Pictures project.

Bruce Willis Left Montclair State College in New Jersey in his junior year. Bartender- turned-multimil-lionaire never needs to mix another Bloody Mary.

Earning a reported $1 million for Gundown.

Tom Hanks Quit California State University, Sacramento, to act.

Earns $15 million per picture.

Savvy enough to pick two Oscar-winning roles in a row.

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