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There’s a term for how Megan carries herself. It’s called sprezzatura, an Italian word defined as studied carelessness. Baldassare Castiglione used it in The Book of the Courtier to describe how courtiers make complicated tasks look natural.

Megan is exactly this: an effortless product that barely hints at the exertion it took to create. The effort, however, is not in her disdain for accessories or her preference for flats. It’s in curating the people around her and carefully editing herself to the public. No matter how nonchalant you are as a person, if the people around you are shoving it in your face that you’re like this or that you’re better than this person, that’s when things get dirty, she says slowly. I make sure everyone I work with is down-to-earth, people who’ll be good influences on my character and well-being.

It’s why she can get away with just cheek tint, mascara, and a brush of highlighter, the fuel to her subtle glow. Megan expectedly turns to the inner beauty and confidence angle, but like everything else, she throws in a matter-of-fact slant, too. The cliched advice would be to be confident, but you have to find that confidence. She pauses before continuing, It’s a simple matter of finding out what make s you happy

Her own sources are pretty basic. Coffee. Lettering I’m not great, but it makes me happy. My crushes. Well, just one crush. My not-so-secret cruuuuush everyone knows about, she says, flashing that famous mega-watt grin. Megan shies away from revealing much about her private life. Ifpeople ask me, I’ll tell them, but some things I want to keep to myself It’s not like she’s stingy with information. Curious questions can be answered with a quick visit to her Instagram, but Megan, despite being in show business, believes in her right to discretion. Ifyou want to keep things private, then they’ll be private. Ifyou want people to know aboutyour life, then they’ll know about it because you’ll let them know In a way, the strategy tempers the judgment that comes from living under the spotlight.

When you have things that make you happy and you go for them, that’s where confidence starts. You find something you’re great at that defines your character and makes you feel good. When that kind of beauty begins, you can pull off anything.

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