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This bespectacled, couldn’t-care-less girl who morphs into a beauty queen? Megan could easily sink into a hackneyed pigeonhole, but becoming Miss World was a conscious and hard-earned decision, and not some accidental circumstance.

It’s one from a long list of dreams, nice to achieve but never really an end-all, be-all.

My dream when I was younger was actually to become an editor-in-chief!  she confesses, her doe eyes twinkling behind designer

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I used to write for the school paper. I was a features’ kind of girl. I wanted to be the editor of Seventeen or Candy. I wanted to style an editorial or write about my favorite artista.

She’s also a huge bookworm, her staircase littered with books ranging from Stephen King to Meg Cabot. I had more, but I always want to get my friends into what I’m reading so I’d give a book to them, then forget about it

Then there’s film, her field of study in college. Lauren and I talk about it a lot, she relates. Lauren, her younger sister, is also an actress who plays Megan’s nemesis in Marimar. We’ll write our own sappy love story and let the world know about it. That’s our dream.. .to write and direct a film together

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