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II, I saw classified documents showing European deaths from heart disease aiid diabetes dropping dramatically. This struck me as peculiar, because I had always been taught that atherosclerosis-related conditions like heart disease were caused by stress. What could produce more stress among the civilian population than war itself with its food rationing, fire bombings, and anarchy?
Equally paradoxical was the fact that by 1958 cardiovascular deaths in Austria, for instance, leaped to a level seven times higher than during the war. Nutritionists wondered if the end of food rationing (particularly of foods high in animal fats, cholesterol, protein, and sugar) might not explain those figures. They also began to ponder the conventional medical wisdom on the origins of heart disease.
I was not alone in my fascination for these wartime mortality data. Dr. Lester Morrison thought they could be useful, too/ He placed fifty of his heart-attack patients on a diet mimicking the low-cholesterol, low-fat wartime fare Europeans survived on, and another fifty on the conventional American diet
The study was to last twelve years. But in 1955 I learned that the experimental group’s cholesterol levels had already dropped from an average of 312 mg. /percent to 220 mg./percent, while the control group’s levels stayed the same. Over half (56 percent) of the experimental group’s patients were still alive, compared with 24 percent of the controls. By 1960, all of the control group had died, while 38 percent of the low-fat, low-cholesterol group were still alive.

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