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MY BOYFRIEND IS MARRYING SOMEONE ELSE I’ve been in a relationship with a member of Jehovah’s Witnesses for three years. Medium short haircut ideas He taught me to love God and is the reason I’m now fully committed to the Lord. However, he has suddenly decided to marry a girl chosen for him by the church. Despite telling me not to worry, he has been communicating with the girl about their wedding. He says he doesn’t love her and is only doing this because of his family and the church. Does the church have the power to part us? Dinny, email Dear Dinny: The church does not have the power to do anything; only what you allow it to do. During Bible days, marriages were usually arranged but the responsibility for who you marry is squarely yours. It’s a bad sign that he’s talking marriage with someone Yours Hair is he doesn’t love Yours Hair is . It’s either he’s lying or he’s weak. Perhaps his affections might have shifted. At least something good came out of this: you’re now committed to the Lord! Walk away and trust God to fix him or bring you the right person.

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