Medium Men’s hairstyles 2015

And so Nicholas gave me a little lecture and I learned a bit more about healthy beauty. First, I was told that my hair hadn’t gotten into such bad shape overnight, so there was no reason for me to expect it to get gorgeous overnight. Medium Men’s hairstyles 2015 There it was again that old truth that you cannot hurry beauty. Whether it’s hair, shape, skin, or whatever, miracles do not happen overnight.

Medium Men’s hairstyles 2015 They happen, all right, but they sneak up on you. Now I never expect to see real, lasting results from anything in less than six months. And then suddenly one morning vou look in the mirror and see something beautiful. You.

I was lectured on the fact that all those things that had formerly shined up my hair namely, the creme shampoos and creme rinses were not only just cosmetics, designed to cover up any damage, but they were most probably the very things that had caused the damage in the first place. For they were probably highly alkaline and (does it surprise you now?) hair just like skin is and must remain acid.

The acidity of hair came as a surprise to me, for I was uneducated then, but we’ll get into that in a moment. For now, let’s keep that protein on. Medium Men’s hairstyles 2015

Each week I kept complaining, for each week my hair looked as sad as ever except for the few days right after my treatment-session.

I was given the same protein shampoo used in the salon, to continue my hair work homeside. Work at it I did. I washed every other day, for, as Nicholas pointed out, dirt is the very worst enemy of beautiful hair. (I will point out, dirty hair is the worst enemy of beautiful skin, wherever the two happen to meet.) And in New York City, dirty is a common word.

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