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I have my hair cut twice a year. That’s because I have one of the best haircutters around for me and my hair. He is Roger Thompson, who was the International Artistic Director of Vidal Sassoon. The title is impressive, but Roger is friendly in fact, we’ve been friends since about 1965 when he cut my hair in London.

You see, Vidal Sassoon and his crew have been my men since back in 1964 when I muscled my way in for one of the original swinging-hair Sassoon cuts by the Original Sassoon himself. (At that time, I was in retailing, and I can only surmise that Vidal Sassoon assumed I was a retail heiress, or some such thing.

Anyone who would come to London for a haircut!) That is when my hair became fem-liberated and I was never again to turn, or return, to the sit-under-the-dryer routine for hair. Not for my looks and most certainly not for my hair health.

At any rate, my hair is straight, as I’ve told you. Very. And it’s cut that way straight around. It only has to be cut twice a year because it never loses its shape, it never gets split ends. It is, some say, a phenomenon.

Roger says it’s my hair. I say it’s Roger’s haircut. It’s probably the cut combined with the fact that, thanks to Nicholas’s re-educating me on the subject of care and feeding of hair, my hair is now in better condition than ever before.

My hair used to grow in scraggly, and it was, in fact, one of the sore points of my looks-life. I have spent more unnecessary time having hair-hysterics than on any other part of me. But now it just grows longer and nothing else happens.

I suppose it could grow straight to my waist without losing its Roger-given shape, except that I feel I’m a bit old for that look which is pretty much gone-with-the-fashion wind in any case. Strong and straight forever that’s my way.

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