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When my aunt left the hospital, she came – to spend a few days with my family, so I do know what I saw. And what I saw was hair that was far from white. Medium hairstyles for curly hair men It was black again, with just enough gray scattered throughout so that you knew it was her own. Anyway, I don’t believe hospitals have much time for tinting jobs. My aunt’s hair remained dark until she died in her eighties.

An experience I have watched from start well, not to “finish,” for I am still watching concerned a man a friend of mine who, when I met him, had the most hair you ever saw (this was long before the Beades made the long-hair breakthrough for men), but it was white. Medium hairstyles for curly hair men This man was young, indeed; he was twenty-six. (At least that’s what he told me.

I’ve since discovered that men lie about their ages more than women.) An explorer, he had just hit New York after a lengthy sojourn in the jungles of New Guinea. And he was undernourished, weighing in at 126 for a height of 5′ 10″. So you can see the Spartan sort of life he’d been living. Obviously, survival was on his mind more than nutrition.

As he was an attractive young man, I took a less-than-matemal interest in fattening him up. In the fattening-up process, I watched his hair turn from white back to its natural black-brown. We have been friends for many years now and in those years I have watched his hair color change continually from black to white to black again.

Much of that change contiguous with our friendship meaning who was doing the cooking for him and whether or not she watched his vitamins. Medium hairstyles for curly hair men This man is married now, to a gourmet cook, but gourmet or no, she apparently doesn’t give him all the vitamins he needs. For his hair is white and his paunch is apparent, and he’s still only forty-five. Unless he’s lying again.

Now there’s plenty of hair-moral to these two stories. To me, they prove beyond doubt that hair color can indeed change, and that proper diet has plenty to do with it. Nutritionists and coloring laboratories alike are taking more and more interest in the work that vitamins can do to recolor gray hair. Here is what Adelle Davis, as quoted in Linda Clark’s beauty blog, Secrets of Health and Beauty, has to say on the subject:

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