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So what have they been up to and what is it like to be back in the UK? We finished up our tour in the States and of course now we’re here in the UK. I think we were surprised at how strong the fan base still is and has become because it’s been a couple years since we’ve been back, begins Charles. With no need for encouragement but with a genuine enthusiasm he relays just what he loves about UK fans I think what we’ve noticed is, the fans really invest in the record, in each record … Once they find a band they like, they tell their friends about it and they really listen to things from top to bottom. I really appreciate that, he explains. That’s how I wish everyone listened to records. Even a lot of people in the States. I think that’s the way it was but now it’s turned into a little too much of a singles game. So I really appreciate that about here.

So the fans have taken notice – well the music certainly commands it! We can feel the anticipation of our fans over here, Medium hairstyles excited that we’re back, says Hillary with a smile. We went into this album really wanting to stretch ourselves and show our fans all over the world a different side of us and we kind of went in with the mentality iet’s push it past our comfort zone – we can always reel ourselves back in’. And 1 think people sense that; I think they see that we were excited to venture outside of what we’d done before and make a really fun album.

The band explain the writing process and the live reaction so far to their new songs – songs that sound like old favourites on first listen, songs that it seems you’ve always turned to when you needed to drink and dance away your blues. Something magic was captured in this new album and you feel the electricity immediately even with just a first listen, solo, headphones in.

We’ve been able to try a lot of these songs on the road… We started our tour in January and did probably 80 shows all the way up through August. Medium hairstyles During that time was when we wrote all this material so around March, April, May, Dave paints the scene. We hit this little stride of writing. Medium hairstyles I don’t know what it was but things kind of started to click and we wrote Bartender and Freestyle and A Long Stretch Of Love and One Great Mystery – all these songs all within a few months and so we slowly started to put some of those into the set.

Bartender, their first 747 single had a great initial reaction. Being out there on the road and being able to play that one and watch the girls get so into it every single night has been awesome. I think it sums up that direction that we took for this record and where we wanted to go… upbeat, energetic material that really translates well live.

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