Medium hair Thick hair

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These formulas will work whether you want to make your hair straight, curly or wavy or whether you want to add or decrease volume. It’s all about texture control.

Don’t be confused by all the hype surrounding miracle styling products. A good regime of the appropriate shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner and the styling products mentioned above are all you need.

Less is always more when it comes to good products. Many people are scared of styling products but used sparingly and in the right place they are your hair’s best friend.

to use where?

Smoothing cremes should be applied mainly through the lengths and ends and not at the roots.

Conditioner is mainly used at the lengths and tips never the roots.

Heat protectors can be applied throughout the hair.

Serums should only be used at the tips.

They can temporarily seal a split end.

Mousse can be applied throughout the hair.

Medium hair Thick hair

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Medium hair Thick hair

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