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For women with androgenetic alopecia, Mr. Kingsley recom
mends the follovving:

• Have a blood test to check iron levels, including ferritin; nutriîîonal status; and androgens. On blood tets, normal ferritin levels can start as low as 15, and a reading of 30 is vveli within the normal range. Hovvever, research shows that a ferritin level below 70 could cause hair problems.

• Use 150 to 200 milligrams of spironolactone, taken orally and/or as a topical antiandrogen. Spironolactone is available only through a physician.

• Eat protein at each meal.

For alopecia areata, Mr. Kingsley explains that this condition usually reverses itself spontaneously. “İn the two percent or so of cases that do not, the application of a strong counterirritant and ultraviolet radiation, or cortisone, can be effective.

“Take good cosmetic care of the hair by shampooing and con ditioning daily; and using whatever styling aid is necessary,” he adds. “The psychological effect of goodlooking hair is consider able.

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