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IN LOVE WITH A MARRIED MAN I am 24 years old and involved with a married man who seems to get me more than my boyfriend. He is not my sugar daddy, but I've been sleeping with him for over three months. I know it sounds stupid, but I can't forget about him, and he isn't making things easier because he calls me every day. I tried ending things, but he's refusing for that to happen. I am at a crossroad because I know I can never have him, and this is affecting the relationship I have with my boyfriend.

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Please help! Baung, email Dear Baung: What you are doing is wrong and you know it. You are not in love; you are in lust and in a dangerous situation. Medium bob haircuts You are sleeping with a man who has a wife, so you are causing undue harm to a marriage and other people's lives because you want what you want. You are indeed ruining your relationship with your boyfriend who deserves better than a cheating, lying woman. You must stop before it gets worse! If the man persists, call the police and have him arrested for harassment and indecency.











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