Meagan Good

CHARGED UP Meagan Good is back on our flatscreens starring in FOX’s Minority Report and we’re lovin’ it! On Playing In A Television Series That Was A Hit Movie There’s something to be said about Max Boren-stein and Kevin Falls [coming] up with an original perspective. They took the movie and said, This already has a fan base. People are going to have a certain expectation. They flipped it and told it from the pre-cog point-of-view. Steven Spielberg signed off on it. This was his baby and for him to love their take on it and allow it to be [created] made us feel more confident. Once he saw the pilot, he came on as an executive producer. On Working Directly With Steven Spielberg Not yet, but he’s been very hands on with every part of the process. I sent my tape and they were like, Okay, we’ll get back to you. I was like, What were you waiting for? And they said, Steven Spiel berg. He has to watch the tape and he’s the one that’s gonna sign off on this. So they came back and were like, He loved you. [Steven] handpicked us. He’s an integral part of every intricate part of the show because his name is on it. It represents him so it needs to be on par with what he does. On Having A Leading Role During The Recent Emergence Of Black Women In Film And TV It’s such a crazy feeling because I grew up in this business and by the grace of God I’ve been a working actress since I was 13 years old. I haven’t known any other job and I’ve always encountered: Wow you’re so good. We want you for the lead, but we don’t want the lead to be Black so we’re giving you the best friend role… It’s very exciting to be on the front lines with these incredible talents and these beautiful women and to see this massive shift happening. It’s what you’ve fought so hard for and you’re like, Oh, it’s going to happen some day. That day is now and it’s really mind blowing. I’m humbled to be a part of it.

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