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SOPRANO ICE LASER HAIR REMOVAL AT THE LASER BEAUTIQUE, FROM R510 PER SESSION Maybe Corpaci, Junior Beauty Editor What is Soprano Ice? The Soprano Ice method applies low-level energy via a burst of rapid pulses in constant motion on the treated area. The feeling during the treatment is a rise in temperature and a slight prickle on the skin. The denser the hair, the more intense the prickle becomes (it felt a little uncomfortable, but not unbearable). The laser device has a pleasantly cooling efect on the skin. Who is it for? This type of laser is perfect for clients who like to expose skin to the sun between sessions, as well as for people with very sensitive skin and a low pain threshold.

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The treatment works on the basis of a gradual increase of energy, similar to a hot stone massage (but not quite as pleasant). How long will it take? The average number of sessions for small areas is eight, but it depends on the area and on the individual. Treatments are booked every four weeks to allow new hair to grow out. The upside is that the treatment itself (when done on small areas) doesn’t take more than 10 minutes.

How should one prepare? Shaving is the only method allowed on the treated area between treatments, but don’t shave immediately before your consultation or first treatment, as your hair pigment and density need to be assessed. Also, moisturising, using essential oils or having a massage 24 hours before your treatment is a no-no, as any of these will leave oil on the surface of your skin. Results so far: I’m three sessions in and the results are great. I’ve treated the little hair between my bosom. The treatment isn’t painful and the sessions are super-quick, so you can fit them into your lunch break.

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