1 If your eyelashes run even thinner than your patience in the quest for the perfect supermodel sweep, invest in a thickening mascara. These usually contain silicones which beef up the appearance ofyour natural set and, particularly if combined with a few false lashes, will create the illusion of a generous fringing.

2 If your eyelashes are so short they simply look like stubbly regrowth, a lengthening mascara is your dream product. Its microscopic fibres will attach themselves to the ends ofyour natural lashes, and create the illusion of a lengthy pairofflutterers. (Avoid these mascaras ifyou have sensitive eyes.)

3 Lashings of waterproof mascara will see even the most sentimental wearer through tear-jerking moments without leaving you looking like Dirk Bogarde in the final scene of Death In Venice.

Bar our mother’s lipstick, eyeshadow is often the first make-up we experiment with as teenagers. This makes it all the more surprising that after years of practice, most of us are still no nearerto masteringthe subtle art of blending shades than we were when we started. While a beautifully made-up eyelid looks deceptively simple to accomplish, the reality is far from easy, and achieving a sophisticated finish (as opposed to looking like we went three rounds with Tyson) is something that evades us.

Believe it or not, the trick is to keep it simple. Any make-up artist will tell you that getting it right with just one colour will enhance your look tremendously, so until you are really confident stick to single-shade application. The means is vital to the end, so chuck out the nasty sponge-tip applicator that

I comes with many products. A proper eyeshadow brush is worth the investment (see Tools of the Trade) – it will help the shadow glide on easily and ensure a finer finish. Just a decade ago, the mere thought of applying eyeshadow was enough to send even the most confident make-up aficionado wild with despair. However, the appliance of science in recent years has taken the fear out of getting started.

Today, it is not only colour that counts – the texture and skincare benefits of modern eyeshadow mean that colour glides on effortlessly and grips the lid without crumbling or creping. Thanks to silicone-based ingredients which are now used to suspend colour pigments, the creation of‘truer’, non-streak colours at both ends ofthe market is now possible. Texture (the buzz word of modern make-up) has seen a radical change in medium too -eyeshadows are now available in powder, gel, cream and mousse form, and these add colour to your lids while simultaneously reducing the appearance of surface lines and wrinkles. Throw out past taboos about colour, and experiment with whatever shade takes your fancy.

As the creative force behind supermarket chain Tesco’s beauty range, Barbara Daly has first-hand experience in getting the most out ofyour eyes. ‘Look what happens with young eyes,’ she says. ‘They look dewy and fresh and the skin around the eyes doesn’t appear dry. To make your eyes look younger, try using glossy products in the corner ofthe eyes nearest the nose. Also use it as a high lighter on the brow bone and in the middle ofthe upper lid.’ Remember that the lighter the shade, the more flattering the result. Ivory, cream or peachy browns, blended well, should be used from the lash line to the brow bone, and only then should a second shade be added. The simplest way to achieve a great result is to only apply the second colour from the lash line up to the crease ofyour eyelid. ‘Mature women are best to keep away from pearlized products,’ says Daly, ‘as they tend to draw attention to unwanted lines and wrinkles.’


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