Makeup Tips for Combination Skin


This is as nearto ‘normal’ as any one skin type gets. Most of us, at some time or another, go through dry, sensitive and greasy stages, and sometimes even a combination of all three at once.

Combination skins have a T-zone that is generally oilier than other areas, with the cheeks suffering from intermittent dryness. Sadly, nobody has yet invented a product that can successfully deliveroil to certain areas while absorbing it from others, so the best way to treat combination skin is to treat it in separate sections. Buying products for dry and oily skin may sound like a double outlay, but each product will last you twice as long, so think of it as an investment.

Make-up choices are easier for combination skin, and really it is a question of a little of what you fancy does you good. Trial and error is the best method of both elimination and choice here, with no particular rules to go by. The choice of cleansers is also greater for this skin type – either the wash-off or cream versions will do the job. Moisturize only the areas that need it, and do not forget that your skin is a living organism, and as such it changes. Summer and winter months call for different amounts of product, applied in different places.

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