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Time really waits for no man! GSS will soon be over and Christmas and New Year will be coming soon. Six months later, it will be CNY.

The truth is, beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. It is also inner beauty that will captivate! Yet, beauty services around the world sell so many products that promise anti-aging and anti-wrinkles, firming, whitening and more, all with the main purpose of keeping our clients looking younger.

However, what is the use of having the best and most potent products in your hands if you do not market them wisely and strategically? What is the use of importers bringing in the latest innovation if we do not make good use of them?

Product companies try to be ahead of the competition by exploring new technologies that will make our clients beautiful, but how do beauticians make use of these wonderful products? If we depend on our product companies to single handedly make publicity and connect to the media, don’t you think it’s a slow process to benefit your clients?

Beauticians and product companies should work hand-in-hand to grow their business. Some make decisions to use cheaper products and when they do not deliver, they get disappointed. Look at product companies as the start to sell you their products. They should offer you a system to make money from their products, not just sell them to you. However, do not only depend solely on product companies, both parties should collaborate to do various promotions and bring these great products to the customers.

Please consider this as a long-term partnership. As you develop mutual trust, you grow each other’s businesses. We should look for win-win solutions. I remember 16 years ago, I had the pleasure to partner with an exhibition company that just started, and I suggested an exclusive tie-up between our media and the exhibition company. The result was phenomenal! They grew their business to such a size that they were acquired. We also grew ours and expanded to Malaysia and Myanmar. Now, we are eyeing other countries to grow the media business. So what was the key to our success? Fairness and transparency we must trust and help each other.

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